Tips on Rain on Your Wedding Day

Plan for Rain on Your Wedding Day

Plan for Rain on Your Wedding Day

 Tips on Rain on Your Wedding Day  

All bridal couples hope for a beautiful fine and sunny day for their wedding. Here in Queensland that idyllic dream wedding can become a thing of such disappointment if you don’t take into consideration the weather.  The more you prepare for inclement weather,  the happier you will be if it does happen. It has even been said that it’s good luck if it rains on your Wedding Day.

Plan for Weather Impacts to Your Wedding Day is serious.  The weather can seriously affect your wedding, so plan, think and consider all potential impacts of the weather for your wedding day.  Google Tips on Rain on Your Wedding Day.  Below are some things to consider when planning your wedding day – taking into account rain on your Wedding Day.   It is a good idea to discuss the implications when planning your date. For example on the Sunshine Coast and other areas of Queensland – the last month I would have a wedding would be February. There is such a high possibility of rain on your wedding day – even storms!

Rain on your wedding day

Rain on your wedding day

Guests Driving to Wedding Ceremony Venue

Torrential rain, storms, flooding can contribute to your guests arriving safely to the wedding destination.  Guests may decide not to drive in challenging weather, they may find themselves having to take detours, the driving time might be longer due to flooding or road closures. Guests may not arrive or will arrive very late.  So a tip on preparing for rain would be having mobile phone numbers of all guests and advising if possible the day before, if the venue is to be changed. Even reassuring if the weather is really bad – that if guests are really worried about driving – that you understand.   Another tip is to talk to your celebrant, venue to see if there is flexibility with time of your ceremony.

Guests Parking at Wedding Venue

Consider the car park area.  Is it easy to drive to during wet weather. Is the road to the car park very steep – that might cause a car (not everyone has great tyres) to slip and for a car to hit a tree, skid to the edge of a narrow road?  How will guests navigate going back up a steep driveway/hill in slippery and wet conditions?  If it is raining extremely hard?  Storms with hail can come suddenly.  Is there shelter for the cars?

Check the car park. In fine weather it may look great.  But use of a car park after and during torrential or a few days of rain can become a mud blog.  Resulting in guests ruining shoes, hems of long dresses, wet,muddy feet and a bogged car or much revving, trying to drive (or be pushed out)

Guests are wet, muddy, uncomfortable, have no change of clothes. Cars are stuck. Road conditions driving on steep slippery hills/roads may result in accidents, near misses.  Guests are stressed.

Rain on your Wedding Day

Rain on your Wedding Day

Tips on Rain on Your Wedding Day If there may be muddy carparks contact the venue and see what they suggest. Maybe ferry guests from a further distance. Suggest car pooling. Gumboots might be the best for wearing. Yes, I have had a two brides arrive in gumboots!  Perhaps organise for some plastic sheeting to be laid down. Have some of those plastic stiletto’s caps for the bridesmaids and for female guests, so that they don’t sink in to the the ground as they walk from the carpark to the ceremony area.

But then, if it is going to continue raining – you don’t want your guests to be sitting in the rain. I always suggest “if in doubt, don’t have it out”.

I have had only five weddings where it HAS rained before the end of the ceremony – the majority of brides decide to go to Plan B of an inside venue for the ceremony.


Make Up

Speak to your make up artist regarding dealing with humidity and wet weather with your makeup. Do they use make up that is water resistant?  Can they attend after the ceremony or give you some tips for touching up your makeup if you get wet?


Have some towels handy if it looks like it might rain. Guests will appreciate being able to wipe their clothes, hair with some handy towels if it rains on your wedding day.


Advise guests to bring umbrellas just in case. Hire extra umbrellas – wet weather and also hot weather these are invaluable to include.

Tips on rain on your Wedding Day

Tips on rain on your Wedding Day

Planning and Scheduling

I always tell my clients to think of a Plan B from the very beginning of the planning process, as you must consider both sunny and wet days as you plan, don’t just hope and expect a sunny day. That way, if it does rain, you’ll be mentally prepared for the rain.  Discuss including  extra time in your day  for photos in case of rain, since you’ll need to get to and from your ‘rain’ location, wherever that is. Discuss this with the venue and also photographer. They may also have some great Tips for Rain on Your Wedding Day



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