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Valentine’s Day Marriage Proposal Ideas

Valentine’s Day Marriage Proposal Ideas

Marriage Proposal

Valentine’s Day Marriage Proposal Ideas

42 years ago on Valentine’s Day my hubby and I became engaged. We went out for dinner to our favourite restaurant.  I love the fact that we were engaged on a day celebrating Love.  For some it is over commercialized.

But you know, I like it as we are all busy in thee very day rush of life, errands to do, work, shopping….that it is an opportunity to bring love to the forefront of our thinking.

A day to stop and acknowledge, just with  some small even extra effort or expression and acknowledgement of love and your relationship.

Proposing on the ultimate romance day of the year? Turn February 14th into a day- Valentine’s Day Marriage Proposal into a day she’ll never forget! Some great Valentine’s Day Marriage Proposal Ideas are below – she will love that you have gone to some thought and effort in planning your special marriage proposal.

  • Send a rose everyday beginning with the first day of February. Each day have the rose delivered at the same time. By Valentine’s Day she will need one more to complete the dozen. Tie the ring with a ribbon to the stem of the last rose, deliver it in person, and ask right then and there. Or hand the rose over at a romantic dinner for two as you go on your knee and propose.
  • Leave work early and prepare a special dinner (oh well, yes you could arrange with a caterer to pick up a prepared special dinner) during the meal excuse yourself for a moment. Come back dressed in formal clothes, and get down on one knee and hand her a rose and a ring(or a note saying that you love her and the ring is awaiting her at her choice of jewellers)
  • From the front door scatter rose petals , and when she opens it, knee in a special heart shaped (using more rose petals) and give her a dozen or one red rose What a surprise when she opens the door.
  • Let her know that you will going out somewhere special to celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14th, then make all the arrangements to recreate your first date (or another very special date – perhaps the one when you told each other “I love you” for the first time.)
  • Make reservations for the same restaurant, get a CD for the car of the song that was popular when you met
  • Put together a hamper and go on a picnic. Back a small vase for a red rose – present this as you declare you love and propose
  • Design a special menu which you can present to her when you go out to dinner. On the menu list under Entrée how much you love her, Main Courses how much you look forward to spending your life together and under dessert “Will You Marry Me”.
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    Valentine’s Day Marriage Proposal

    Go to the beach and have a stroll at sunset, or suggest buying an ice cream and eating it overlooking the beach, and then just start to tell her how much you love her, and as the sunsets propose!

  • At a favourite restaurant, organize with staff for a special dessert to come out, with the  words Will You Marry Me? In chocolate.

As a celebrant, I have heard of many varied Marriage Proposals!  One that sticks in my mind, which I don’t recommend, is a proposal during the ad break of the cricket, whilst the beloved, was folding laundry!  Luckily she did say yes though.

I hope these Valentine’s Day Marriage Proposal Ideas give you a base for planning a memorable event.


You bring the love and the guests, I will bring the energy, charm and magic to make your special day perfect!

My aim is to make your day all you could wish for – your ideas and dreams are what motivate me.

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