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We say “goodbye” to people throughout each day, but the day that we say our final goodbye to a loved one is a day like no other.

The loss of a loved one often arouses feelings many of us have seldom experienced before.And planning a funeral can be a confusing and sometimes overwhelming process, especially at a time when we are often in a heightened emotional state.

Funerals do not have to be just about sadness and grief, but are also a way of expressing our love for the deceased and of acknowledging and celebrating their contribution to life, to us and to others.

Funerals, whilst they are sad and sometimes difficult events, they are also very significant rituals.

With so many funerals today being conducted outside the “traditional” church service routine, the demand for funeral celebrants is increasing on a daily basis. Yes, you can contact your own Funeral Celebrant direct – you do not have to use a celebrant that a Funeral Director has included in their standard funeral packages.

My role as a funeral celebrant is to create a special and unique funeral ceremony that celebrates and recognises your loved ones in this, their final journey.

I value the importance of saying that last farewell in a personalised and beautiful ceremony which respects the wishes and beliefs of the person who has died whilst celebrating the life that has ended.

I will work with you giving you as much or as little input as you require; be that helping you find words to express your feelings or write a eulogy of cherished memories and unique life stories.

As a Funeral Celebrant, my role extends far beyond just the delivery of a beautiful service. I have a love of beautiful words, and poetry and will develop a ceremony uniquely designed to farewell your loved one.

For those who prefer to ease the pain of their loved ones, I will work with you to develop your own funeral plan and ceremony.  We make many decisions on life – why leave such emotional decisions to our grieving family.

I will work with you for a plan to attach to your will – of your wishes, your music, the type of funeral that you want.

Your Last Say – Your Way.


You bring the love and the guests, I will bring the energy, charm and magic to make your special day perfect!

My aim is to make your day all you could wish for – your ideas and dreams are what motivate me.

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